Research projects by our students:

Organizing the Erasmus+ T.E.A.M programme week for Hungarian students in Hugo Treffner Gymnasium (by Elisabeth Raidma)

A digital school tour of Hugo Treffner Gymnasium (by Karl Erik Miller)

Take a digital school tour HERE!


Student exchange in Tartu -2018-

Belgian group visiting Tartu 16-22 February



Project work instructions

Short overview of our week (written by Helene Maria Kikas)

Project week in our blog

Photo gallery:

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Results: Creative task on online generation

Problems of social media

by Kati Ilus, Helene Maria Kikas, Ines Coorevits, Mariette Põdra, Henri Pattyn

Social media affects people in different ways. There are many aspects that may have bad influence on a person. In our video we show 3 different problems: perfectionism, harassment, isolation.
Many people become depressed, when they see pictures of other lives that make them jealous or someone with more likes on their picture. Usually people only post the good things that happen to them and it’s easy to start feeling insecure about yourself and your life.
Recently harassment has been widely discussed topic all over the world. That is one of the reasons we decided to involve harassment in our video. Not knowing who is behind the screen might be dangerous and people with bad intentions can cause problems to your private life. It is also important to understand when someone has crossed a line so you could get help and not suffer from harassment.
Many young people prefer texting on social media than talking in real life. That may cause isolation which may lead to depression.

Work in progress …


… and the final result: video “Problems of social media” .


How to get rid of your phone addiction

by Aline Bracke, Louis Ingelbert, Saara Selgmäe, Louis Vantieghem, Kirke Maria Lepik, Karel Tyvaert

We made this video because we think that we use our phones too much and it is nearly becoming an addiction. It really affects our social life. The purpose of our sketch was to show the problem of phone addiction and what consequences it brings. The main consequence that comes with addiction is loneliness and isolation from other people so we showed 3 different solutions how to get rid of the addiction. The first solution is to keep your phone in the backpack during the school so it wouldn’t distract you. The second solution is to delete as many social media apps as you can and the third one is to turn off any notifications. In our minds these solutions help to solve a big part of the problem.

Work in progress …


… and the final result: video “How to get rid of your phone addiction” .


Results: Quizlet glossary to complement the project dictionary

Environmental issues: English-FlemishEnglish-Flemish IIEnglish-Estonian

School of the 21st century, online generation: English-Flemish,  English-Estonian

Responsible citizenship, netiquette: English-FlemishEnglish-Estonian

Migration: English-FlemishEnglish-Estonian

Creative activities (filming, dancing): English-FlemishEnglish-Estonian




Student exchange in Tartu -2017-

Scottish group visiting Tartu 11-16 September



Project work tasks

Short overview of our week (written by Elisabeth)

Project week in our blog

Photo gallery

Results: Articles about Aparaaditehas/The Widget Facotry

A visit to … APARAADITEHAS (by Shona, Lisette, Eva Liisi and Marta)

Old Factory Given a New Life (by Annabelle, Gemma, Heido, Elisabeth and Sandra)

Scots & Entrepreneurs (by Katriin, Eeva Liisa, Heidi and Alexandru)

The Widget Factory (by Meeri, Raul Villem and Sarah)



Festera FESTERA – The best student company in Europe 2017

File 15-09-2017, 15 09 20

Sandra gave us a presentation about student company Festera.


Read about student company Festera and watch the video of the presentation


Exchanging good practices in English lesson:

File 15-09-2017, 15 08 34



Student exchange in Tartu -2017-

Hungarian group visiting Tartu 17-22 March



Short overview of our week (written by Elisabeth)

Project week in our blog

Photo gallery:

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Results of group works:

Entrepreneurial Tartu

Results of photo scavenger hunt.

entrepreneurial Tartu

Culture exchange to broaden the entrepreneurial mind

Results of country presentations and language lessons – information about Estonia and Hungary, new entrepreneurial vocabulary etc. Presentation made by Meeri and Zsófia.


Entrepreneurship and the nature

Experience and ideas from our trip to the bog. How nature helps us to be(come) entrepreneurial. Pictures and presentation by Katriin and Orsolya.



Experience and ideas about e-Estonia and how it supports entrepreneurship. Presentation made by Karl Erik and Zsófia.


Student companies

How and why it is good idea to create your own student company and how it affects your entrepreneurial mind. Presentation by Marta and Eszter.



Student exchange in Tartu -2015-

German and Belgian groups visiting Tartu 23-29 October



Short overview of our week (written by Tristan)

Project week in our blog

Workshop on immigration at Võru Gümnaasium. Topics and results:

Results of group works

Theatrical performance

The assignment for our group was to think of and perform an immigration-related sketch. The group was artistic and multicultural; it consisted of Estonian, Belgian and German students. The story we came up with depicted a refugee´s rough journey from their home to a strange for them country where they would have to adapt to the new surroundings, people, values and culture. The fact that a couple of students in the group were familiar with the genre called physical theatre while others were more used to narrating the story made our collaboration really exciting. Thus, we tried to combine the two genres. For the location of our mini-play we chose the school basement since this venue made it possible to play with light and sound, eg we created the sound of falling rocks so it can be said that we had some sound effects in our play.  We really enjoyed the whole process and were very happy that the initial insecurities were solved and the confusion we had at the start turned out fine in the end. Not only did we think about immigration, but we also lived it briefly on stage. We believe everyone liked our interpretation of the topic.

Video of the play

Digital story

There were two groups of students working on digital stories.

Digital story 1 – The Story of Dima

Digital story 2 – The Story of Khalid

 Song writing & performing

The group made lyrics for two songs:



 Photo shoot & exhibition

Three Estonian, two Belgian and one German student formed a working group whose goal was to set up a photo exhibition that would tell the story of migration through images.  We started off by brainstorming for ideas, thinking of the context and then finding suitable locations and settings for taking the photos. The work also involved picking the best shots, editing if necessary, printing the photos and eventually staging a photo exhibition at school. I believe we did a good job and the pictures we took were interesting and thought-provoking. Some of the shots were staged to better communicate the message we wished the viewers to see.   Other photos depict spontaneous moments that we thought were simply inspiring.


 Board game

Title: Building bridges

Needed for the game:

– rules

– dice and playing pieces


– people interested in the topic of migration

Building bridges

Board game presentation

Board game presentation